January 30, 2015
LIAT appoints internal auditor

Chief Executive Officer of LIAT – the Caribbean Airline – David Evans, on January 27, announced the appointment of Chad Hyson as internal auditor.{{more}}

Internal audit is an interactive process that involves reviews and discussions with persons at various levels of the organization, including those involved with day-to-day operations.

Evans said: “Mr Hyson is responsible for evaluating LIAT’s current processes and providing recommendations based on best practices.  His primary goal is to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our overall operations, accuracy of financial reporting, and compliance with various regulatory requirements. 

“Mr Hyson joined the company on December 1, 2014 and comes to us with more than 13 years of Internal Audit experience across a number of different industries throughout the US and the Caribbean.”

As the company head of internal audit, Hyson reports directly to the CEO and to the audit committee, a sub-committee of the board of directors.