Crutches donated to Rock Gutter survivor
January 30, 2015
Crutches donated to Rock Gutter survivor

One of the survivors of the January 12 Rock Gutter tragedy, has been given forearm crutches to aid in his healing process.

Terrill Thomas, who was featured in the January 13 edition of SEARCHLIGHT, detailing the tragedy that took the lives of seven other youngsters, was presented with the crutches by businesswoman Maria Antrobus last Friday.{{more}}

Antrobus, presenting the crutches on behalf of Douglas Bakery, said that the Rock Gutter tragedy impacted her deeply, and when she read about Terrill and what he endured, she felt moved to assist the young man.

“My spirit was led to this little boy after reading the paper. I visited a few of them at the hospital, but I was drawn to him. I got a feeling of peace, so I think I was meant to meet him; he is my friend now, he could visit and I wish him all the best in healing.

“Reading the newspaper I saw his story and there was this line where he said when he was floating on his bag, he didn’t think that he was going to die, and that touched me, because it tells me that he had a lot of faith and I had to get connected to him, and I hope he gives himself to the Lord and looks at things different in his life,” the businesswoman stated.

Antrobus said that her close association with children in her Redemption Sharpes community moved her to reach out to Thomas, who was described as a talented footballer.

“When I heard about it I cried, because I thought about my son and the kids that I am connected to in the area where I live, sometimes just cooking and inviting them to eat.

“I thought that this could have happened in any community, anywhere in St Vincent.”

The soft-spoken young man, in response, said he was thankful for the crutches, which would assist in his rehabilitation. He indicated that he currently has problems standing for too long, and the crutches would help him to be more independent and better off.

The first form student of the North Union Secondary School said that he is looking forward to returning to school and his classmates and football.

Antrobus took the opportunity to encourage other private businesses and individuals to reach out to the families of those affected.

“We have to reach out to them and show them that we are there for them and that we love them. I just want parents to know that they could reach out to those injured people in whatever way small and they will appreciate it,” Antrobus said.