Non-profit organizations receive donations from SDA
January 27, 2015
Non-profit organizations receive donations from SDA

Four local organizations that look after the needs of some of the most vulnerable persons in society have received food donations from the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) National Youth Association.

The foodstuff was handed over last Friday, December 16, at the SDA’s base at Old Montrose (Block 2000).{{more}}

Receiving the food items were the School for Children with Special Needs, the Lewis Punnett Home, the St Benedict’s Children Hospital and Day Nursery and the Mental Health Centre.

The food items were collected at the church’s annual concert, which was held at Heritage Square on December 21, 2014. The concert is a type of food drive that asks persons to bring canned items and donate them at the event.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony on Friday, Youth Ministries director Pastor Terrence Haynes said that the donation was “special,” as it was given on behalf of the young people of the SDA church in the country, who strive every year, “to give tokens of tangible love and appreciation.”

He added that the programme is 14 years old and noted that the SDA church finds joy in doing the donations, “because it is part of our youth philosophy as we want to not only be involved in fellowship and worship and the nurturing of our young people, but we also have a distinct mission to reach out to the community.”

The handing over ceremony was attended by president of the SVG Mission of SDA Dermot Baptiste, SDA Sunday School director and Personal Ministries director Pastor Ian Williams, Sonia Charles of the St Benedict’s Children Hospital and Day Nursery and Juanita Glynn and Sister Elise Wilkes of the Mental Health Centre.

Sister Charles of the St Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home thanked the SDA for the donation, while Sister Wilkes of the Mental Health Centre stressed that the donation had come at a vital time, as they have started a programme where they will be taking patients to recreational sites in the country.

“….We are taking them (patients) to recreational sites so they will enjoy the treats. We praise the Seventh-Day Adventist Church because they do not only look at the spiritual needs; they take it in a holistic form and they always keep their focus,” said Sister Wilkes.

Meanwhile, Pastor Baptiste used the opportunity to compliment the care providers.

“We appreciate what you have been doing,” said Pastor Baptiste, who added, “We are happy that we can network and partner with organizations and associations who share similar values like the church.”

The concert that raised the food items was held in collaboration with the National Nine Mornings Committee.