December 23, 2014
Glen woman desperate for police to take action

A mother of two has been forced out of her home this Christmas and is “fearful” for the well-being of her family, after would-be intruders threw Molotov cocktails (kerosene bombs) into the residence while she and her children were still inside.{{more}}

Last Thursday morning, at approximately 2 a.m., attackers subjected Teckla Pompey and her family to a hail of bullets and fire at their Glen residence.

Pompey, who is a labourer at the international airport site, said that she and her children were asleep when the attempt on their lives was made.

“After the dogs started barking, me hear like the door start pulling… and then after that me hearing some gunshots, like they was trying to shoot off the lock off the door,” she tearfully recounted.

“They see that they can’t get it off so they shoot at the glass [panel of the front door].”

Pompey said that the attackers went to the back of the property and shot at the house some more, before throwing kerosene bombs into the residence, which landed in two of the bedrooms and the living room.

“If the police… and firetruck didn’t come so soon, it would have been worse for us,” she said. “People [in the neighbourhood] came and helped, too.”

Pompey, who has two sons aged 10 years old and 2 years old, said that she and her children had to vacate the house because the three bedrooms and the bathroom have suffered serious damage. The living room was damaged as well, but not as badly as the other rooms.

“Look at how they destroy our home – everything gone,” she lamented.

Pompey has since moved to another location with her children, whilst her brother is staying elsewhere, but she is anxious for the local authorities to do something about the matter, as she has not heard from them about any of the attacks on her and her family.

“All dem ah tell me is make statement, make statement, and that’s it! All this trouble and… it’s like they don’t care,” she said with a tremble in her voice.

“I just need these people to stop, because it’s really not easy, especially for my kids,” she explained. “It’s affecting them bad, especially the 10-year-old. He is very fearful of his life. We are all fearful.”

Pompey said that this is not the first time that her residence has been subjected to such violence, and she believes that the perpetrators are after her brother Randy Pompey, who also resided with her and her children at the time.

In January 2014, attackers broke into her house and shot her brother Randy, who survived the attempt on his life. In August 2014, persons who she believes are responsible for the current and previous attacks, tried to break into the house. She and her children had to take refuge under a bed when bullets were fired on the house.

Up to press time, attempts to contact Superintendent Browne, stationed at the Calliaqua Police Station, for comment, proved unsuccessful.(JSV)