Flavours for everyone with Cannon Cakes
December 9, 2014
Flavours for everyone with Cannon Cakes

From the traditional flavours of vanilla and chocolate to the exotic tastes of lemon meringue and piña colada, Cannon Cakes’ new cupcake line caters for all.

As rays of setting sun spilled through the windows at the National Insurance Services (NIS) headquarters last Friday,{{more}} people waited in anticipation for the official launch of a 10-piece cupcake line by Zoe Millington of Cannon Cakes.

When she spoke with SEARCHLIGHT on Friday, the baker highlighted that she felt a need to give her customers a product that was outside of the norm.

“We just love the basic, the ordinary flavours which is vanilla, chocolate. I find from tasting, from trying, from experimenting, there are a lot more flavours out there than just these regular simple ones. So I wanted to share it with everybody,” Millington, who won the ECGC Baking competition in 2013, said.

Having started baking at a young age in her grandmother’s kitchen, the NIS employee expressed her deep love for baking and noted that her cupcakes are unique because of the love that she puts into making the delicious treats.

Included in the cupcake line are a number of flavours; chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, fruit cake, great irish, lemon meringue, oat and berries, energy burst, banana cream and piña colada.

“Like the different flavours, that’s me; different phases. I love trying to eat healthy so there is the oats and berries. It’s made with oatmeal and its on the healthier side. You can even have it for breakfast because it’s not too sweet,” Millington explained about one of her new flavours.

“You have the piña colada with a little bit of alcohol – not much – and the great irish, which has in stout. And we have the good old faithful, fruit cake, red velvet and the vanilla. One of my personal favourites is the lemon meringue; it’s a little bit tricky with a tangy taste.”

NIS employee Asaph Shortte was just beginning to taste test some of the cupcakes when he spoke with SEARCHLIGHT. Shortte commended his co-worker for a job well done and declared that he would definitely be placing an order soon.

“I’m rather impressed by it,” he said. “From the looks of it, it looks like I’m going to be a fan of the lemon meringue.”

Another patron, Roxanne Campbell, also commended Millington, stating that “her work is of high quality.” Campbell also encouraged people to support the baker on her new venture.

“My favourite has been the red velvet. I’m not a total cake person, but I want to support her and taste the different delicacies and the red velvet tasted very smooth and scrumptious. It has this distinct taste about it but also I’ve tasted the rest and more or less the labels are exactly what I tasted. Even without the labels you would know what you taste because the different tastes were up front,” she said.

Millington highlighted that Cannon Cakes cupcake line will be taking orders every week and delivery is done every Friday in Kingstown.

“So you can place your orders during the week and I have them delivered to you once you’re in Kingstown or pick up is available, every Friday. We have them in half dozens and also in dozens with reasonable pricing,” the entrepreneur said.

Cannon Cakes can be contacted through its various pages on social media including Facebook and Instagram. Persons wishing to place an order can also contact Millington at (784) 529-0225.