CRD Holding makes donations towards medical costs
December 5, 2014
CRD Holding makes donations towards medical costs

Four families have this year benefitted from financial assistance towards medical bills from CRD Holding Ltd – a resort development company based in Canouan.

The company has contributed a total of $5,000 to the families of KeAndre Richards, Juliana Doyle, Destiny Thomas and Michael Richards, who are all {{more}}suffering from medical conditions that require costly treatment.

Camille Crichton, public relations officer at CCA Limited, said that from August to November of this year, the company made the contributions – and in one case partnered with the World Paediatric Project.

“We believe in giving back,” explained Crichton. “Not just to our workers, but in helping the communities that really need help.”

KeAndre Richards, now one-year-old, has been experiencing recurrent vomiting episodes since birth. His mother Rosana Richards said that since he had a Barium Meal (a test to determine the cause of the vomiting) done, his ailment has improved significantly.

Richards said that she and her son’s father Andre Roache (a landscaping employee at CCA Limited) are “grateful and thankful” to CRD Holding Ltd for paying for the procedure, as she had been “scared” that her son might die.

“I really didn’t know where I was getting the money from to do this,” she admitted. “This vomiting problem was really bothering me.”

Juliana Doyle and Destiny Thomas benefitted from financial assistance from the Canouan-based company as well as the World Paediatric Project.

Ten-year-old Juliana, daughter of Eudene Doyle, was born with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, which is a condition that affects the development of the bones and tissues of the face. CRD Holding Ltd paid for her flight to the United States, where she is receiving treatment.

Assistance was given to Romancia King in the form of air fare to and from Barbados, where her baby daughter Destiny received treatment for an ailment that would have led to blindness had it gone untreated.

Crichton said that the procedure was successful, and Destiny will not experience any further problems with her vision.

Scuba diver Michael Richards, 27 years old, is also seeking treatment in Barbados – courtesy the resort development company. Richards is suffering from ‘the bends’ or decompression sickness – a condition that arises when divers ascend too quickly from deep diving, and bubbles form in the body upon depressurisation.

According to Crichton, Richards’ condition has improved significantly since he was first diagnosed, and he is expected to make a full recovery.(JSV)