Marshall takes up duty as deputy consul general in New York
November 25, 2014
Marshall takes up duty as deputy consul general in New York

The newly appointed deputy consul general at the Consulate General of St Vincent and the Grenadines in New York has promised to perform his duties with humility, dignity and professionalism.

Sehon Marshall, addressing Vincentians living in North America at a town hall meeting{{more}} in Brooklyn last Sunday, reiterated his commitment to reflecting the values, goals, ambitions of the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines as regards improving the relations between Vincentians at home and in New York.

“Rest assured that these duties will be performed with the greatest degree of humility, dignity and professionalism,” Marshall told the gathering.

He thanked Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves for reposing such confidence in him, and assured him that he will not be disappointed.

“To you the members of the New York diaspora, I assure that I shall work with Vincentians all, to strengthen the bridge of communication, collaboration and cooperation,” Marshall said.

SEARCHLIGHT first broke the news in September that Marshall had been chosen to fill the post that was made vacant in February, when former deputy consul general Edson Augustus was recalled.

Controversy soon arose over Marshall’s pending assignment, after an audio recording was circulated of comments that he had made on radio about some Vincentians in the diaspora, who worked as babysitters and dog walkers. Marshall subsequently apologized for his comments.

The Prime Minister, speaking at last Sunday’s meeting in Brooklyn, said he believed Vincentians in North America would acknowledge the error for what it was and go past it.

Gonsalves said Marshall did not quite appreciate at that time, the importance of a transition between talk show host and diplomat.

“HIs failure to completely appreciate that transition led him into error, but in my judgement the mistake did not constitute a hanging offence and I reflected on the matter and applied my heart to wisdom and concluded that he was worthy to represent St Vincent and the Grenadines,” the Prime Minister said.

He described the new deputy consul general as having come from the “bowels of the poor and working people people of Chateaubelair.”

According to the Prime Minister, there are some people who think that the only people who should represent St Vincent and the Grenadines abroad are those who come from a particular background and a particular class.

“God blessed Sehon with good parents, a community of loving and caring the good Lord blessed him with a good head and robust health. With these blessings he developed his intellect,” Gonsalves said.

Marshall is a trained teacher, once owned an information technology business, was a talk show host and has a Master’s degree in International Relations.

“He brings therefore a set of experiences and training to this job. I have seen him function, and I know he has a good interpersonal relationship with people and I think he will serve you very well and the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” the Prime Minister said.