Makes no sense doing remedial work; build houses in different area – Eustace
November 25, 2014
Makes no sense doing remedial work; build houses in different area – Eustace

Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace is of the view that new houses should be built in another area for those persons at the Clare Valley housing development, whose homes have been identified as needing remedial work.

Eustace’s suggestion comes after {{more}}recent reports indicate that the Government has budgeted EC$3 million to do remedial work on the houses in that area.

“I prefer to see the $3.3 million spent on building some new houses for the persons who have been affected there, in an area where you don’t have that problem.

“So you spend $3.3 million and you still have difficulties. What happen? It doesn’t make any sense to me. You have been given a lot of information about the soil type and the problems associated with there. More than one house has now gone. You don’t know how many more will go, despite what you say you’re going to do,” Eustace said, while speaking on the New Times radio programme yesterday.

The Opposition Leader opined that it was better for new houses to be built where the land is more stable and suited to construction.

“There is no guarantee that the remedial work will pay off,” he said.

“Spend the new money in building a new development. I’m not supportive of spending money on that site where we can’t guarantee and was designated not suited for construction.”

On September 19, 2014, one house located in the housing development collapsed after the homeowner had complained that large cracks had appeared on the house and that it was shaking. Other homeowners had, for several months, also been making similar complaints to the Housing and Land Development Corporation (HLDC).

Since the collapse of the house, remedial work on several houses has begun in the area. It was also confirmed last week that the house next to the one that collapsed in September will be demolished.(BK)