Murder victims were together the night they were killed – source
November 21, 2014
Murder victims were together the night they were killed – source

A post mortem has disclosed that murder victim number 34, Keon Lawrence, died as a result of a brutal beating, and not of gunshot injuries as first believed.

Police confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that Lawrence, who resided at Kingstown Park, sustained bruises and blunt force,{{more}} in an attack that one eyewitness said rendered him beaten beyond recognition, on Saturday, November 8 this year.

SEARCHLIGHT uncovered that apart from dying on the same night as murder victim number 33 — Damien Blucher, 25, the men were close friends, and had been together that fateful night.

SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that Blucher and Lawrence were liming earlier that night, before Blucher was dropped off in his community of Glen.

At about 10:30 pm, gunmen approached Blucher, the father of a young daughter and opened fire on him, shooting him about the body, including one shot that displaced an eye from its socket.

He ran from his assailants, but collapsed and died not to far from his home.

About half an hour later, Lawrence, who was seen glancing at his phone nervously in his Kingstown Park community after being dropped off at home, was chased and shot at by gunmen.

The 38-year-old father of a young son evaded the gunshots, but was chased by his attackers and trapped not far from when he lived, resulting in the severe beating, which included heavy blows to the face, which had caused investigators to believe initially that he had been shot.

Another man, Lawrence Marks, 48, was also killed on that night. The Yambou resident was shot dead in his community around 7 p.m., making him murder victim number 32. (JJ)