Season 5 of ‘Singing with the Stars’ begins
November 11, 2014
Season 5 of ‘Singing with the Stars’ begins

The fifth season of popular television show Singing With The Stars was scheduled to begin last weekend.

Georgette Nanton, producer of the show, said that the entire series, dubbed “The Christmas Edition,” would be hosted at Huffles Ranch in Brighton, beginning on Sunday, November 9.{{more}}

According to Nanton, Karaoke lovers would perform their favourite songs as customary, and also incorporate traditional and modern Christmas songs throughout the eight-week series.

“It would not be a Singing with the Stars edition without the many gifts and prizes from our sponsors in the grand finale, thanks to our many sponsors like K and L shippers, St Vincent Brewery, Huffles Ranch and others,” Nanton added.

“And on each night of competition, there will be lots of prizes and surprises, just for coming out, participating and supporting,” she said.

The show will air on SVG TV on Fridays at 8:30 p.m.