Grieving family urges public to leave dead man’s past behind him
November 7, 2014
Grieving family urges public to leave dead man’s past behind him

Family members of Paul Spence, who was found dead in his Barrouallie home last Saturday, are asking the public to leave his past behind.

In November 2013, charges were dropped against Spence for the December 2005 double murder of Mable Pollin {{more}}and her daughter Veronica Frederick.

According to police reports, the 48-year-old man died between 11:30 p.m. on October 30 and 7:20 a.m. on November 1. His body was discovered at his home with several chop wounds.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, the deceased man’s niece, Dawn Gloster, stated that she went looking for her uncle on Saturday, when she peeped in his window and saw him lying naked and covered in blood on his bedroom floor.

“I was washing. When I came down, I met my mother sweeping up the yard and she telling me that she ain’t see her brother, so I go by the shop and when I come back up, she with the same thing,” Gloster said, explaining what had happened that morning.

She further explained that her mother sent her to check on Spence to see if he was in his bedroom.

“I didn’t go in the house. I went round by the window and when I went by the window…I see blood on the bed and I saw his body on the ground, with blood, naked.”

While she cannot say whether her uncle has had grievances with anyone, Gloster can attest to hearing negative comments about his death, particularly since he was freed of the double murder charge last year.

“I done expect that. They wouldn’t say anything good because of that. He ain’t tell me that he did it, but people say he told them that he did it. They need to stop,” she said.

Gloster reasoned that if Spence had committed the crime, then he was wrong and that he should not have done it. However, she stated that the matter was dealt with by the authorities and it was not up to persons to say things about him.

Furthermore, she expressed sadness over her uncle’s death and said that the last time she saw him was on Monday of that week. While she cannot speak for other persons in the community, Spence’s niece declared that he was always friendly to her.

“We was moving good. You have to say he was my favourite uncle, because sometime if we vex over simple little thing, in the evening he come and friending up. Me and he usually used to go good,” she said. “I will say I miss him and I miss his jokes because me and he used to give a lot of jokes.”(BK)