October 24, 2014
Youlou Pan Movement staging Independence show

The Youlou Pan Movement (YPM) is commemorating this country’s 35th Anniversary of Independence with the staging of a Cultural Extravaganza.{{more}}

The Extravaganza will feature a competitive clash of local steel bands, performing music related to various themes. Some of the themes featured would be “Blessed Hairouna,” in honour of our nation, “Everybody Sing Praise,” a “Michael Jackson Challenge” and an “Out of the Box” category.

The event will also give a taste of the East, with Indira Naik and her band from India, and will showcase performances from Diatonic Pan Institute out of Trinidad and Tobago.

The YPM’s Cultural Extravaganza takes place on Saturday, October 25 at the Solidarity in Action Car Park, beginning at 6 in the evening.