BCK goes ‘Back to my Roots’
October 24, 2014
BCK goes ‘Back to my Roots’

As this country celebrates 35 years of independence, schools are hoping to instill a sense of patriotism into their student body.

On Wednesday, the Bishop’s College Kingstown, through their Social Sciences department, hosted their independence celebrations, dubbed “Back to my Roots,” with a number of presentations designed to do just that.{{more}}

The school’s hard court was transformed into a stage for students to use their talents to display culture in exciting presentations that included lively folk songs, compelling choral speeches, catchy and original independence songs, creative dramas and exciting modelling.

“What I wanted for the students was for them to develop a sense of national identity, develop a sense of patriotism by participating in some of their culture…so when they participate, they would become more familiar and then they would grow to become more patriotic students,” said department head, Affisha Clarke.

Clarke told SEARCHLIGHT that the event took approximately one month to put together and that she was pleased with the results, particularly since it was the school’s first attempt at an event like it.

“I think the event was good. This is the first time that we are having programmes like this where we are incorporating folk songs and a lot of national stuff. Normally we would have our independence programme where we would have our harvest, but this time we would have incorporated different items, drama, dance, different folk songs,” she said.

The department head also expressed hope for an even bigger and better independence celebration in 2015.

Following the performances, students were treated to an exhibition of historical items, which included samples of Kalinago houses built by the form ones, pottery made by students, and a number of antique items that were used in earlier years by their ancestors.(BK)