Naima’s ‘Jump, Read and Cure’ for Breast Cancer
October 17, 2014
Naima’s ‘Jump, Read and Cure’ for Breast Cancer

On Sunday, October 5, 2014, the Naima Foundation, as part of its yearly plan to contribute to breast cancer awareness in St Vincent and Grenadines, held its activity, dubbed “Jump, Read and Cure.”

At this event, held at the South Windward Learning Resource Centre and the Biabou{{more}} hard court, the children of the Foundation were graced with the presence of Kineke Alexander, (St Vincent and the Grenadines 2013 National Senior Sportswoman), who read a story to them.

The children were also engaged in a book swap, where they exchanged books that they have read and enjoyed with one another. Each child was given the opportunity to say why they chose the particular book they passed on to someone else; the most common reason was that the story was fun.

The founder and coordinator of the foundation Niesha John stressed the importance of reading as a gateway to lifelong learning and personal achievements to the children and parents at the gathering; she also emphasized how reading for fun can help to cheer up one’s mood and lessen stress, which can increase the risk of cancer. The children were then presented with their jump ropes, which were brought from funds they collected from the public, using donation sheets.

To mark the evening of the jump rope exercise, Kineke Alexander, in her remarks, urged the children “to exercise often in order to live healthy.” She also stressed how vital jumping rope is as an exercise, stating that it is a fantastic way to have fun while exercising the whole body. She also challenged the children to use their jump ropes at least three times a week and to read as a way of relaxing after exercise. Her gold medal award was captured by Sharonel Samuel, who was adjudged the most versatile rope jumper.

The evening culminated with a the handing over of EC$500 to Mrs Castello, the organization’s advisor, who is currently affected by cancer, to assist with her medical bills. The funds, she said, were secured from a Reading Tea Party held by the Foundation last year to aid her and the rest from the children’s remaining jump rope donations.

Castello thanked the organization for its outpouring of love and continued support and pledged to continue to work along with the organization to see its advancement. The Foundation’s next Breast Cancer Awareness Activity will be held on October 19 in the form of a Read-A-Thon, dubbed “Read Your Face Off.”