Greater collaboration needed between electrical parties – VINLEC CEO
October 17, 2014
Greater collaboration needed between electrical parties – VINLEC CEO

Following a session this week, wiremen, electricians and electrical inspectors are better equipped to utilize best practices and standards in their field of work.

The St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC), in collaboration with the Government Electrical Inspectorate{{more}} Division, hosted a workshop for these groups on Wednesday in an effort to address the issues of electrical engineering standards in this country.

Chief executive officer of VINLEC Thornley Myers addressed the participants and stressed that the generation and transmission of electricity to households depend solely on three entities: VINLEC, the Electrical Inspectorate and the grouping responsible for installation, which includes wiremen, contractors and electricians.

He added that while there is an excellent working relationship between VINLEC and the Electrical Inspectorate, it is not so for the installation personnel.

“This is not the way this ought to be. We believe that there ought to be a more collaborative exercise and relationship between contractors, electricians, wiremen and also suppliers. That is something we hope will develop overtime,” Myers said.

The VINLEC CEO expressed hope that the workshop will bring about change so that there will be a greater collaboration between all parties in an effort to reduce electrical incidents that are in most cases, avoidable.

In his remarks, Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works Julian Francis expressed pleasure in the Ministry being associated with the event.

However, he noted that while turnout was good for the symposium, it had the potential to be better.

“Quite often, when exercises like these are arranged, many of the targeted organizations and individuals may not place sufficient emphasis on participating. Not much effort is made to reorganize our work schedules to incorporate these important activities,” he said.

Francis opined that much value was to be derived from the half-day workshop and shared his hope that it was not a one-off event.

“Let me assure you, the value of this session is in no way diminished by the size of its package. This is not only high value content but it is timely,” the minister said.

Francis also thanked VINLEC and the Electrical Inspectorate for collaborating on the event, stating that “your effort to improve the relevant stakeholders, especially the consumers and the general public at large cannot be overstated.”

Approximately 85 participants were a part of the event and witnessed presentations from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Technical and Vocational Education, the Electrical Inspectorate Division and VINLEC. (BK)