September 23, 2014
Farmers to take part in cocoa demonstration

Fifteen cocoa farmers will be involved today in a demonstration on the pruning of cocoa trees, as farmers prepare to expand and increase their production.{{more}}

The demonstration exercise will be conducted by the staff of agricultural region one of the Ministry of Agriculture.

A release from the Ministry said the exercise will look at the pruning of old fields, as well as newly established trees between one and three years old.

Resource person, agricultural officer Dan Richards said that the demonstration will look at specific areas, which include pruning for:

1. Proper formation of the tree for ease in harvesting and conducting a number of the production practices necessary for optimum production.

2. Structural pruning: for ease in the control of the shape of the tree and the removal of non-productive branches etc.

3. Sanitary pruning: removal of diseased pods, vines, dead branches and other encumbrances that will eventually affect productivity of the trees.

The demonstration will take place on Sidney Tucker’s farm at Richmond beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Farmers selected are among those who have been the traditional suppliers of cocoa that ensured the regular production and supply of chocolate bars used in the local beverage referred to as cocoa tea. These farmers are now cultivating close to 40 acres of cocoa.