Vitamalt makes life  easier for two
September 19, 2014

Vitamalt makes life easier for two

Rondique Deane of Akers and David Harry of Barrouallie have received some much needed cash from the St Vincent Brewery Limited, through the company’s “Vitamalt-Life Made Easy” promotion.{{more}}

The duo collected their winnings last week, during a short ceremony which was held at the Brewery in Campden Park. They received their US$150 from the Brewery’s Trade Marketing Assistant Cenica Patterson.

The two men were rewarded with cash when they produced Vitamalt crowns that spelt “VITA CASH.”

Said Deane, “I feel good about winning this money…of course I feel good.”

He added that he usually buys Vitamalt from shops and supermarkets and that he took close to three weeks to accumulate the crowns with the letters that spelt “VITA CASH.”

“I’m still playing, because I’m hoping to win one of the phones,” said Deane, who added that he thinks that the “Vitamalt-Life Made Easy” promotion “is a good thing, because it’s helping people and giving back something to the people.”

Harry, the other winner said that he also felt good about winning the money.

“It is a good promotion and I’m enjoying it,” he said.

The “Vitamalt-Life Made Easy” promotion was launched on Monday, August 18 at the Brewery and allows Vitamalt drinkers to win cash, 4G cellular devices, phone credit and Vitamalt four packs.

To win, Vitamalt drinkers must look under the crown for individual letters that can be combined to spell either ‘VITA CASH’, ‘VITA CREDIT’ or just simply ‘VITA’ and as a result win prizes.

Persons who have eight crowns with the letters that spell ‘VITA CASH’ will instantly win US$150, while persons with 10 crowns that spell ‘VITA CREDIT’ will win a 4G ready handset and credit. Also, simply have four crowns that spell ‘VITA’ and you will get a six-pack of Vitamalt.

The “Vitamalt-Life Made Easy” promotion promotion ends on Monday September 29, 2014.

The promotion rewarded its first set of winners two weeks ago in the persons of Alvin Patrick of Layou and Olanzo Mills of Barrouallie. The two men won 4G cellular devices.