September 19, 2014
PM Gonsalves to speak regionally and internationally in coming weeks

In the coming weeks, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves will be delivering a number of important speeches, both regionally and internationally.

While speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Gonsalves listed a number of events at which he will be present.{{more}}

Yesterday, the Prime Minister addressed heads of CARICOM in Barbados during the shareholders meeting of the CARICOM Development Fund.

Next Monday, Gonsalves will join a number of panelists in Washington at the Clinton Global Initiative to address the topic: “Confronting Climate Change is Good Economics.”

Following this event, he will travel to New York, where he will give a presentation as Prime Minister at the United Nations General Assembly, which begins on September 24.

Gonsalves is also expected to make a speech to nationals of St Vincent and the Grenadines at Friends of Crown Heights in Brooklyn on September 27.

Next Friday, the Prime Minister will also speak at an event in Washington, which is hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and will address ways at “sustaining the dialogue on the legacy of slavery.”

“The importance of these particular events, when we are given the opportunity to speak at them, apart from raising the profile of St Vincent and the Grenadines, they provide levers which we can utilize for advancing specific policy matters of real consequence,” Gonsalves told journalists on Tuesday.(BK)