GHS student wins Bible Quiz for month of August
September 16, 2014

GHS student wins Bible Quiz for month of August

The winner of the Secondary School’s Bible Quiz (SSBQ) for August is Shorna Garnes, a fourth form student of the St Vincent Girls’ High School.

Garnes received her prize from Joanna Jack and Jamali Jack, representatives of the SSBQ team on Monday, September 15, 2014 during the GHS general assembly.{{more}} They encouraged her and the student body to continue to participate in the SSBQ and to keep studying hard, not only academics, but also Bible study by way of daily devotionals.

Garnes was presented with $150, a Bible and a $150 gift voucher from Acute Cosmetics. Her parent/guardian will also receive a gift from Acute Cosmetics.

The SSBQ continues to provide incentives for young people to enjoy reading the Bible. Anyone who has participated in the quiz 10 or more times and returned good CSEC results is asked to submit a copy to the organizers. The student with the best results at CSEC will receive the Distinguished Graduate Award and take away a certificate and $1,000 at the next awards ceremony.

Information on the SSBQ can be found on; the Scriptural Search radio program on WEFM; in the Searchlight newspaper or on the Secondary School Bible Quiz Facebook page.