September 12, 2014
Corea’s ‘Super bands’ to fight against chikungunya

Coreas Hazells Inc has donated a quantity of insect repellent Super Bands to the Ministry of Health for distribution to nurses.

These bands, available in several fashionable colours, may be worn as wristbands or anklets, and will serve their main purpose as an insect repellent.

“They are very effective against mosquitoes. {{more}}These advanced waterproof systems allow persons to enjoy all of their normal activities without worrying about diluting the potency of the Super Band. This is one of the longest lasting natural insect repellents on the market today and contains essential oils to repel insects. Each band is effective for 250 hours after it has been removed from its pack,” a release from Coreas Hazells Inc said.

Chief nursing officer Peggy Da Silva expressed her appreciation to Coreas Hazells for the donation. She applauded the company for offering consideration to the nurses, as some of them had already been affected by chikungunya.

According to Jennilee Glasgow, marketing coordinator at Coreas Hazells Inc, the company recognizes the importance of keeping caregivers in the health sector healthy; thus the company is playing its part in responding to the recent increase in chickungunya in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Coreas Hazells Inc has already distributed a quantity of these bands to all of its employees and will continue to assist in the mitigation exercise against chikungunya.