Summer Crash Academy Kids Workshop 2k14
September 9, 2014

Summer Crash Academy Kids Workshop 2k14

A number of children from throughout North Leeward benefited from an extraordinary learning experience both in and out of the classroom, after two intensive weeks, as part of the 4th Annual Summer Crash Academy Kids Workshop, held at the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School.{{more}}

The workshop provided a fun and unique experience, with an exceptional opportunity to explore the outdoors through adventurous hiking expeditions, tours and sporting activities. Children were actively involved in Creative Arts, Information Technology, Spanish, Mathematics and Reading, in a well stimulated and fun learning environment. They got the opportunity to discover new interests, create new memories and make lifelong friendships.

In her closing remarks on Saturday, 23 August, founder of the workshop Jolene Lewis expressed thanks to the business community for their continued support in making the workshop possible. She also thanked the parents for making their children available to partake of the knowledge shared in the programme.

“Parents are the key component to any drive for a child’s advancement. You should therefore become more involved in your child’s educational development. Ensure that all of your child’s spare time is not just reduced to video games, using social media, television or playing with friends; but time should be spent on improving their weak areas and reading,” Lewis emphasized.

A parent, Velda Hooper, believes that the workshop is an excellent initiative and more parents should get their children involved.

“At the workshop my daughter was introduced to Spanish and I was really impressed with what she had learnt,” Hooper said.

Summer Crash Academy Kids Workshop has swiftly become a much anticipated summer camp during the lengthy summer break. The workshop caters for 100 children annually and was held under the theme “Continued Advancement Through Remedial Training.”