September 9, 2014
Belair New Testament Church of God hosts Men’s Week 2014

The Belair New Testament Church of God began its Week of Men’s Meetings for 2014 last Sunday evening, under the theme, “Men reigniting a passion for God.”{{more}}

The week, which runs from September 7 to 12 at the church in Belair, has as its text, Mark 12:30.

The speakers for the one week of meetings are Pastor Colin Smith of Christian Life Ministries (CLM) and Bishop Sonny Williams of the Glad Tidings Tabernacle. Smith is president of the Association of the Evangelical Churches (AEC) and Williams the vice-president.

Pastor Smith is speaking for the first three nights, Sunday to Tuesday, while and Bishop Williams will speak from Wednesday to Friday.

Pastor Smith spoke on the topic “Beware of the Spirit of Samson” at the opening on Sunday night. In addressing the theme, he encouraged the men present to beware of the spirit of Samson. His text was taken from the book of Judges 13:1-5.

Beware of Samson. Why?

1. Samson gets what he wants (Judges 14:1-3)

o Samson went down, and just like us when we go down spiritually, we end up in calamity.

o His father and mother warned him about mixing with the Philistines.

2. Samson does as he pleases (Judges 14:5-9)

o Samson’s gift was his strength.

o Though he was a Nazarite, he went to check on a carcass.

o Though he was a Nazarite, he went after a prostitute, and put himself at risk by going into a secured city.

3. Samson speaks without control (Judges 16:15-19)

o Samson fell in love.

o Men of God: “we do not fall in love”

o “We soberly enter into a relationship, based on what God has to say.”

4. Samson lived only to satisfy his nerve endings (Job 28:28)

o He was clever but lacked wisdom (Job 28:28); the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.

5. Samson was accountable for and to no one but himself (1Samuel 4:10-11)

o The slaughter of Israel happened under Samson’s watch.

o Where was Samson when the people of God needed him most?

o The final prayer of Samson, was a selfish prayer (Judges 16:28).

He concluded that the men of the church are not to live under the spirit of Samson. However, sad to say, the spirit of Samson is among the body of Christ today. Therefore, to combat this spirit, the men of the church need to live in righteousness and usher a culture of righteous manhood within the family, church and ultimately the society.