September 5, 2014
Vincy Wear to offer high end children’s clothing

Two Vincentians, Betty Jane Punnett (a retired professor who taught International Management for thirty years) and Jestina Charles (an expert ‘smocker’ and former manager at a children’s wear business in SVG), have teamed up with the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Youth Business initiative, to develop Vincy Wear.{{more}}

Vincy Wear is a cooperative that will produce high end, unique children’s clothing to sell in North America, and eventually worldwide. This venture will revitalise the smocking industry in SVG and provide economic opportunities for poor women in SVG. Smocking is a traditional embroidery skill that has long been practiced in the Caribbean and is popular on children’s clothes.

Market research has already shown that the initiative would be readily acceptable by consumers in the North American market, Europe and elsewhere. The two main objectives of this women’s cooperative would be to make a product that will bring joy to children, grandparents and families as well as to offer a source of employment for poor women, their families and societies to achieve economic success.

The cost of the entire start up is an estimated of $35,000 USD.

“We are, therefore, asking the Vincentian public to kindly donate to Vincy Wear. It is a venture that can help to alleviate many of the ills within our society through primarily the creation of employment,” a release from Youth Business said.

For further information on how to donate please contact the following: Betty Jane Punnett,

Telephone: 784-456-7906, Email: [email protected]; or Kenrick Quashie, Telephone: 457-2132, Email: [email protected]

Visit the crowd funding website at:; YouTube: type in VincyWear Women’s Cooperative