September 2, 2014
Traffickers receive assistance to cover losses incurred in Trinidad

Twenty-two traffickers have received over XCD$65,000 from the Ministry of Agriculture as assistance to cover losses after their goods were returned from Trinidad and Tobago following days of industrial action in that CARICOM country earlier this year.{{more}}

The commodities: bananas, plantains, eddoes, coconuts, ginger and soursops were returned to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) when plant quarantine officers at the Caricom jetty in Port of Spain went on strike demanding that a resolution be met on the 42-year-old matter of a reclassification of their jobs.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar noted that the losses incurred by the traders were not the fault of the traffickers and the ministry was cognizant that assistance would be needed to offset some of the cost as a result of the unfortunate incident. Several farmers were still being owed by traders as a result of this incident.

Caesar said the ministry will continue to support the endeavors of traffickers as they serve as an integral part of the agricultural sector in SVG.

Traders in Grenada who were also affected by the industrial action in TNT have been assisted the Grenadian government.

Farmers who have outstanding balances to be settled by traffickers are advised to contact the relevant traffickers.