September 2, 2014
Ease up on verbal attacks, criticisms says Gonsalves

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has made a call for his political supporters, as well his rivals, to ease up on the verbal attacks and criticisms of each other.{{more}}

He made the request during a press conference yesterday, in response to a meeting he and Minister of National Reconciliation Maxwell Charles had with religious leaders Bishop Leopold Friday of the Anglican community and Pastor Stephen Ollivierre of the National Reconciliation Committee.

“We had a long discussion going into the evening and they really were looking for ways in which the political directorate in the Government and the Opposition can assist in getting as much reconciliation as we could effect.

“So I drew it to the attention that the area which needs most reconciliation is at community levels where we have to live with one another as neighbours; of course we need reconciliation within and between churches too, and we need reconciliation in work places and we need political reconciliation.”

Gonsalves called for supporters to be respectful to those from the opposing side, even though there may be differing views, especially when commenting on the various radio programmes that are aired on a daily basis.

“Let’s tone down some of the invective.

“I know we still have political competition, and in a democracy you will still have difference and will talk about them. But you can talk about them in a manner which doesn’t get abusive of people in a personal sense.

“You may use sharp language, but the point about it is this: You don’t need to curse people even though you use robust language, you can all the time be respectful of one another.

“Don’t war with them please. Be civil also to your people who are ULP supporters. Be civil to people in your church, even those who are outside of your church,” the Prime Minister appealed.(JJ)