August 29, 2014
What’s happening at month-end?

Only two days remain before the end of August, and up to press time yesterday, Senator Julian Francis had not disclosed just what will take place at month-end, which, in his opinion, will send supporters of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) “crazy”.

Francis, who is the general secretary of the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP) first threw out the tease about what is to take place while speaking on his programme on Star Radio on August 5.{{more}}

Then again on August 26, as he hosted his programme, Francis said since he first mentioned that something will happen at the end of the month, people have been contacting him and speculating as to what it could be.

SEARCHLIGHT also contacted Francis, but he declined to give any further details, except to say it was a tease.

On the programme of August 5, Francis called on members and supporters of the ULP to take advantage of what he called “the mess” the NDP had found itself in.

“We are politicians. The leadership of this party has a responsibility to lead you in the right way. The right way right now is to take advantage of this mess that the NDP has found itself in. Get yourself involved deeply in the work of the Unity Labour Party, in your individual constituencies. Show the weaknesses of the NDP to our supporters and also highlight them to the supporters of the NDP and win them over from a very inefficient, disorganized, bad boys, hooligans, that is what they are practising,” he said.

“Show them the light. Let us take advantage of this and do some political work. You think they gone crazy yet? Wait till the end of August, just throwing that one out. Wait till the end of August, you go see craziness.

“If you think they carrying on now? Wait till the end of August. It ain’t much longer to go. Today is the 5th; you have 26 more days. Something will happen at the end of August and they will be like madmen out there. We have our work to do,” Francis said as he spoke on August 5.