Gospel Hall Assembly brings comfort to flood victims
August 29, 2014

Gospel Hall Assembly brings comfort to flood victims

Some victims of the floods of 2013 December can now rest comfortably in their new homes, after receiving items of furniture from the Gospel Hall Assembly Disaster committee.{{more}}

Last Friday, members of the Gospel Hall Assembly visited Vermont and brought good cheer to three families who had been living in the Rillan Hill shelter since the disaster, and had recently received houses.

In a short presentation to the families, Tyrone Dixon, member of the Gospel Hall Assembly disaster committee noted that it was a very special occasion.

“This is a continuation of our response to the Christmas Eve disaster that took place in December last year. We would have done some relief already,” he said.

“Today, what we’re going to witness is the fitting of these three units with furniture. We felt that this would be a very good venture, a good gesture from our end to bring comfort to those persons who were so adversely affected in December by the weather.”

Chair of the disaster committee Haydn Marshall recognized partners in the diaspora, as he explained that the donation of furniture was made possible through funds that were raised by brethren from Bermuda, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, and local brethren.

“There are more things that we want to do. Hopefully we should be able to construct something like this before all this is over. So that is our plan long-term. But we’re just happy to be able to do this today,” Marshall said.

Clari Gilbert, also of the Gospel Hall Assembly, was tasked with sourcing the necessary items for the project. In her brief remarks, Gilbert expressed her happiness to assist the families.

Each family received beds, living and dining room sets.

The recipients — Gideon Adams, Hazel-Ann Jack and Janelle Johnson, also expressed gratitude to persons that helped them.

“I thank you all,” Adams said. “In the disaster everything washed away. I lose everything. God bless these people who make me happy today. God bless the Prime Minister who make me happy today. I thank you all. Thank them very much who bring them things today.”

Johnson noted that she was not looking for help to this extent and said thank you to “everybody who help me and continue to help me.”

Jack, who lost her daughter in the flood, also shared how thankful she was for the help she has received.

“I thank you all for the support and the help that you gave to us. Thank you very much. I’m so grateful. Very, very grateful. I feel so good today because I lost my house. I lost everything, also my daughter. She would be celebrating her thirteenth birthday on Monday, August 25,” she said.

The families received their houses in Hope, Vermont on August 14, as part of the ongoing housing project for persons who lost their homes in the December 24 floods.(BK)