August 15, 2014
Mothers’ Union develops three-year crime prevention plan

The Provincial Council of the Mothers’ Union in the Province of the West Indies has developed a three-year plan to stop violence in member countries.{{more}}

At a meeting of the Provincial Council held in Brown’s Town, St Ann, Jamaica, from July 15 to 16, the Provincial Council, under the theme “Sowing the Future Together,” developed the plan to stop violence, increase its membership and further develop its Parenting Programme.

Mothers’ Union members from the Dioceses of Barbados, Belize, North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, the Windward Islands and the United States of America were introduced to the AWAKEN programme that is presently being piloted in the Diocese of Guyana, including Cayenne and Suriname, through the Mothers’ Union, who were also represented at the meeting.

This programme empowers the Church to be a catalyst for positive change in the community and was introduced by the Worldwide Headquarters at Mary Sumner House in London, which was represented at the meeting.

The Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands was represented by the Anglican Church Women (ACW).

The Council looked at increasing its membership by devising a strategy to change the perception of the organization, by building relationships and by targeting parents through baptism. High on the agenda was discussion on increasing the organization’s finances.

The Provincial body has long recognized that violence is negatively impacting family life across the region and will again add its collective voice and resources to STOP THE VIOLENCE, through awareness building and sensitization programmes, rallies, marches and continuing education.