August 15, 2014
Headmistress happy with GHS results

Headmistress of the Girls’ High School (GHS) Andrea Bowman has issued an early, friendly alert that her school intends to regain the accolade of school with the top performer at the sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) in 2015.{{more}}

Bowman told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that she is comfortable with the results achieved by “her girls” in the 2014 CSEC examinations, although the nation’s top performers have come from GHS neighbour the St Vincent Boys Grammar School and the Mountain View Adventist Academy.

The all girl institution held the honour last year through the accomplishments of Kaela Barrett, however the title is split this year between Richard John of the Grammar School and Delight Ollivierre of the Mountain View Adventist Academy, who both recorded 14 passes, with 13 grade ones and one grade two.

This year, the GHS recorded an overall pass rate of 96.96 per cent with 100 per cent passes in 13 of the 25 subjects sat by the students, which Bowman says is satisfactory, although she believes that there is always room for improvement.

“I am relieved and very, very pleased with the results this year.

Bowman noted that all 145 fifth formers sat the compulsory mathematics and English A examinations, returning a 97.2 per cent pass rate in the English A and 97.9 per cent in mathematics.

“I am particularly pleased with the 97.9 per cent that we received for math; it’s the most that has ever been achieved.”

“I must admit a tinge of disappointment for the English A results, as well as the history. We will be working harder at those for next year,” Bowman said, although expressing satisfaction that of the 145 girls who wrote English A, 96 returned grade ones.

The Headmistress also expressed satisfaction with the fact that the school recorded a 100 per cent pass rate in Physics, a marked improvement over last year’s results.

Three students: Rhea Cain, Kyra Matthias and Jodi Porter passed 12 subjects all with grade ones; while 14 other girls also had 12 passes; 22 had 11 passes, and 43 recorded ten passes.

Bowman thanked the students and teachers for their dedication and hard work, as well as the support and encouragement from parents.

She predicted that the honour of top performer would return to the school next year, after relating that a student had already indicated that she has intentions of sitting 14 subjects.

“Earlier in the term she came and said that she would be writing 14 subjects, but I think she will be doing 15,” Bowman said.