August 15, 2014

CXC’s first paperless exam returns excellent results

Digital Media, offered in May/June 2014 as the first 100 per cent paper-less examination by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), has returned excellent results in its first sitting.{{more}}

One hundred per cent of the candidates taking Digital Media Units 1 and 2 achieved acceptable grades, which are Grades I-V at CAPE.

Of the 68 candidates who registered for Unit 1 of Digital Media in its first sitting, 19 per cent of the candidates achieved Grade I; 21 per cent of candidates achieved Grade II; 49 per cent achieved Grade III and nine per cent achieved Grade IV.

Nine candidates registered for Digital Media Unit 2. One achieved Grade I; two achieved Grade II and six achieved Grade III.

CXC Digital Media was introduced into schools in September 2013.