August 15, 2014
200 mental health patients to be relocated to Orange Hill next month

Patients at the Mental Health Centre at Glen are expected to be relocated to a temporary facility at Orange Hill by the second week in September.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, health planner in the Ministry of Health David Latchman said there are three buildings at Orange Hill that have been refurbished to temporarily relocate the people and service at the Mental Health Centre.

According to Latchman, when the patients are moved into the new quarters, refurbishments will commence at the facility in Glen.

Latchman told SEARCHLIGHT that they have already completed the nurses quarters at the temporary facility and about 95 per cent of the female quarters.

“It is basically complete with the exception of electrical connections and so on. We are working on completing the male section and it is anticipated that we will complete the construction around the first week of September. That’s what we are working on,” he said.

Latchman stated that heavy rains last month affected the some of the work, especially the placing of the roof.

Close to 200 patients are expected to be relocated.(KW)