August 8, 2014
Union Island hotel receives excellence certificate

AA Union Island hotelier is elated at having received a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor, a popular travel website, for his hotel The Islander’s Inn.

Charles Stewart, a Trinidadian national of Vincentian parentage, received his certificate from TripAdvisor last week, and said although he is pleased with the accolade, {{more}}he is now looking to further boost his business through advertising.

“I feel good about it – really good!” he enthused. “We always put our best foot forward. We make an extra effort with our customers because we want to promote this business.”

The Islander’s Inn is nestled away in Zion, which is located on the north eastern coast of the Grenadine island, and is fittingly described as “off the beaten track” and “tranquil” by previous customers on TripAdvisor.

It has an 80 per cent approval rate, and is also ranked as number one of the six hotels registered on the travel and review website.

Although the hotel was opened in 2011, Stewart said that he first came to Union Island 27 years ago. He was able to fund the building of the hotel through savings he earned from working in several European countries.

Additionally, he admitted that although business has been very good in the previous two years, this year, things have dipped somewhat.

“But it’s okay,” he said, further explaining that he will have to come up with new tactics to bring revenue back up to what it used to be.

Stewart runs the hotel with his wife, Sandra Stewart, who is originally from Germany.(JSV)