August 5, 2014
Taiwan donates medical supplies valued over $582,000 to SVG

The health care sector in St Vincent and the Grenadines has received a boost from the Republic of China on Taiwan through the donation of much needed health care equipment.

During a handing over ceremony last Wednesday, Taiwanese Ambassador Weber Shih {{more}}officially handed over EC$582,608.56 worth of equipment to Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Clayton Burgin.

In his remarks, Burgin expressed his gratitude to the Republic of China on Taiwan for their generous donation.

Burgin noted that the equipment was donated to meet this country’s priority health needs and they came at a time when the health sector is developing its services.

“This donation of medical equipment and supplies will have a significant impact on the quality of patient care and treatment and must undoubtedly count for a high proportion of health care cost,” he said.

“Delivery of quality health care requires investment in equipment and supplies. We are witnessing the reality of the age of our equipment and the cost of maintenance, given the repairs that are required almost on a daily basis. Although we have been replacing several pieces of equipment, the list of essential equipment continues to grow and this is an undertaking which requires an enormous financial outlay.”

The health minister noted that there is no government that can offer adequate health care to its citizens without the support of friendly governments and reputable agencies and so, Burgin assured the Taiwanese ambassador that the health care professionals will take good care of the equipment.

“The recipients have the responsibility to manage the donations to ensure that they are beneficial to all. I would therefore wish to urge each member of staff in the national health sector to understand and appreciate that this generous donation is now the property of the Government and the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines and must be used at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and also at the other rural hospitals and health centres for the benefit of the clients and must be appropriately accounted for,” Burgin said.

Shih declared that he was looking forward to the continued co-operation of the Vincentian government and stated that he was “convinced that the equipment donated today will be utilized by the medical professionals in this great country to boost the medical service.”

Included in the donation were a number of medical machines, including a phototherapy unit, suction units, an ultrasonic cleaner, physiological monitor, as well as patient beds, medical masks, trollies, wheelchairs and wheeled stretchers.(BK)