July 31, 2014

LIME Internet Summer School programme returns

Two former participants in the LIME Internet Summer School programme will return to their roots to assist with the course this year.{{more}}

Cenus Hinds and Rotasha Stapleton, who attended the summer programme about nine years ago, got their proverbial “feet wet” at the LIME sponsored initiative that is now in its 11th year.

The pair were first introduced to the computer at the Internet summer school, and today, the duo are part of the team who launched the Konservi mobile “app” earlier this year, and are heavily involved in Internet and web designs.

Stapleton and Hinds will be imparting their knowledge to the hundreds of youths between the ages of eight and 18, expected to attend this year’s programme, which takes place at the LIME compound in Arnos Vale from August 11 to 29.

The main objectives of the Internet program are to provide students with an overview of the Internet and the World Wide Web, with emphasis on efficient use of a search engine.

At the end of the three-week exercise, the participants should be able to access Internet based current awareness tools, such as news, entertainment and educational resources.

This year, LIME will be partnering with Frank B Armstrong, which will provide refreshments for the youngsters, and with furniture and appliance store Courts St Vincent Limited, which will provide the computers for the youths.

Parents will have the option of purchasing these computers from Courts, following the completion of the programme.

The LIME Internet Summer School programme is seen as an investment in the nation’s children, as LIME continues to play its role in supporting and empowering growth and development.

The programme is also used to foster positive relationships in the communities from which the youths come.