July 31, 2014
IADC worker wins ‘Unlock your CARnival’ BMW Z4

Opening one door has opened a number of other doors for Lawrence Stephens, an office attendant at the International Airport Development Company (IADC).{{more}}

Stephens is the luckiest of the 10 persons that were selected to take part in the game show type grand finals of the “Hairoun Unlock your CARnival” under the crown promotion, which ended last Friday, July 25, at the Solidarity Inc Car Park on Bay Street.

Stephens, who is 58 years old, took home a BMW Z4 (a top of the line two-seater sports car) and according to him, he has a number of options as it relates to the first prize that he has ever won in his life.

“I had a vehicle and sold it and I had needed one and because of Brewery I have one,” said Stephens, moments after he opened the door with the expensive ride behind it.

However, giving one of his options, he said, “if the dealer needs it back, I prefer the money and buy something smaller I’m a family man so I don’t need a sports car.”

If he is to sell the vehicle, he will have to wait a year according to the rules of the promotion.

After winning the car, Stephens, who when told by MC Shevrelle “Candy Man” McMillan that a lady had shouted from the crowd that she wanted to marry him, stressed “I’m married already and I would like to take my wife and family (three sons) for a drive…thanks to those people who made it possible, thanks to everyone…I am feeling proud.”

He said that he always believed he would win, while he is also a strong believer “in winning things” and stressed “this is my first enterprise.”

For those unfamiliar with the Hairoun Unlock your CARnival’ promotion, the St Vincent Brewery asked persons to look under their Hairoun Beer crowns to win instant prizes like LIME credit and 4G handsets, free Hairoun beer and cash.

There were also red doors printed under 10 of these corks and persons who found these doors were officially entered in last Friday’s finals.

Only six persons found red doors and the Brewery in anticipation that all ten doors would not be found had also asked persons to place six Hairoun crowns in an envelope with their name and number in specially marked boxes at Hairoun outlets. The other four persons were given a slot in the finals during a draw at the Brewery.

Explaining how he got into the draw, Stephens said that there was a party at the IADC and a co-worker told him about the promotion.

“He said all the corks there why I don’t search, but I search and I get fed up, but the second to last one I look in and I saw a door, but nobody know what the door for, so I took it and put it in the vehicle I drive,” recalls Stephens who revealed that it was not until two weeks after, when he had to turn over the vehicle to another employee, that he took the cork and asked some guys on the block what the red door was about.

“When I reached home I met some guys on the block searching some corks so I said ‘Why are you searching these corks?’ They said Hairoun have a promotion on if you only get a door, you are the winner. So, I pull out my door and said, ‘Like this?’ The guys them like they get crazy,” said Stephens, who added that although he wanted the car, his wife wanted the man cave (home entertainment system with a refrigerator of Hairoun Beer and a couch).

During the finals, there were two doors set up on the stage at the Solidarity Inc Car Park. Behind these two doors, two different prizes were placed and each finalist picked a random key and tried that key in the doors. The finalist whose key opened a door won the prize behind that door.

After the first two doors were opened, the locks were changed on these doors and other prizes placed behind the doors and the process of finalists trying their keys repeated. The doors were opened at 30-minute intervals until all 10 finalists opened a door and won a prize.

Another finalist Sheldon Anderson of Questelles missed winning the car by a hair’s length. He won instead a large blue teddy bear holding a six-pack of Hairoun beer.

The other finalists and what they won are: Kelly-Ann Sam of Town Hill: a LIME 4G handset; Alfred Howe of Chateaubelair: a tricycle; Carlos John of Ottley Hall: a truckload of Hairoun Beer; Cherise Durrant of Reeves Level: a trip for two to Crop Over; Errol Haywood of Akers: an ironing board; Nani Billingy of Buccament Bay: a man cave; Cherry-Ann Baptiste of South Rivers: a pot set; and Alex Thomas of Glamorgan: a roomful of cash.

The promotion was launched on May 23 at the Heritage Square and during the two months promotion, several Hairoun consumers won prizes including cash, Hairoun six-packs, Carnival show tickets, Carnival costumes, LIME 4G phones and LIME credit.

Operations commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Limited Shafia London-Williams described the promotion as a huge success.