Brewery rewards 106-year-old woman with 10 cases of drinks
July 31, 2014

Brewery rewards 106-year-old woman with 10 cases of drinks

Estelle “Maryie” Davis, the 106-year-old, Mount Bentinck, Georgetown woman who said in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT that she loves the St Vincent Brewery’s Vitamalt, has been rewarded with 10 cases of the beverage.{{more}}

On Thursday, July 24, a team from the St Vincent Brewery, made up of Lamont Medica and Cleve McKenzie journeyed to Mount Bentinck, where they delivered the Vitamalt to the elderly lady and her family.

Davis, despite her age, was able to thank the Brewery for the kind gesture and stressed that she will share the malt with her family, while enjoying some herself.

“I feel nice; I drink Vitamalt now. Vitamalt is the best thing, it make me strong,” said Davis who was born on July 20, 1908.

The Brewery’s Medica said that when they read the interview in which Davis said that she enjoyed Vitamalt, they felt obligated to make the friendly gesture.

Davis is the mother of five (three still alive) while she has 15 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren, and 11 great, great grandchildren. She lives with her daughter, 70-year-old Vidors Davis.