Three in finals for Hairoun Unlock your CARnival promotion
July 18, 2014

Three in finals for Hairoun Unlock your CARnival promotion

Three persons have so far found “red doors” under the corks of Hairoun beer and this has propelled them into the grand finals of the “Hairoun Unlock your CARnival” promotion.

Finding doors so far are Alex Thomas, Cherise Durrant and Alfred Howe.{{more}}

Durrant, who is from Reeves Level, found her door under a cover at Krusha’s Bar, Calder while Howe found his under a cork of a beer he bought in Chateaubelair at Pan Yard International.

For those unfamiliar with the Hairoun Unlock your CARnival promotion, the St Vincent Brewery is asking people to look under their Hairoun Beer crowns to win instant prizes like LIME credit and 4G handsets, free Hairoun beer and cash.

People who find a “red door” under their Hairoun crown are officially entered in a grand prize draw where they can win a BMW Z4, a trip for two to Barbados’ Crop Over, and a ‘Man Cave’ among other things.

On the day of the finals, slated for next Friday, July 25 at the Solidarity Car Park in Kingstown, the finalists will be asked to choose a key and attempt to open doors that would be set up. Behind each door is a prize and the person wins the prize behind the door that their key opens.

The grand prize is a BMW Z4.