July 18, 2014
National Council of Women elects new executive

A new executive has been elected to lead the National Council of Women (NCW).

At the Council’s Biennial Conference held on June 21 under the theme, “Women Forging Ahead, Against All Odds,” Beverly Richards was elected President.{{more}}

Richards, who was formerly a trustee and acted in the capacity of the public relations officer, noted that she was “ready to serve” at the presidential level and emphasised that it has become necessary to realise the scope of the challenges women face and strategise to tackle them.

At the conference, special focus was given to “Societal Ills Affecting Women, Men and Children, Including the Impact of Climate Change.”

Guest speaker at the event, Director of Finance and Planning and Lay Preacher in the Methodist Church, Laura-Anthony Browne highlighted poverty and climate change as two pressing matters which are a cause for concern for women. The Director of Finance and Planning articulated that “a high incidence of poverty is connected to or results from the unacceptably high levels of unemployment especially among youths” and that environmental problems “only exacerbate the other social issues.”

She noted that poverty manifests itself in numerous ways such as women leaving their children unattended at home for extended periods in an effort to earn a living; or taking questionable or risky employment. The senior government official further explained that problems of hunger, malnutrition and disease afflict the poorest who are also typically marginalised from society and have little representation or voice in public which is additionally drowned by partisan political debates.

Anthony-Browne said that there was a connection between poverty and education and commended the current administration, in particular Dr Ralph Gonsalves, for awakening in “unprecedented levels” the, “thirst” and “deep appetite for education.”

The financial and planning director also expressed concern over garbage that is being carelessly disposed and called on everyone to see it as their “personal responsibility” to keep their surroundings clean.

Anthony-Browne advised the NCW to redouble their efforts so that they could play a greater meaningful role in the country by rebuking manifestations of evil and social ills.

She chided, “We must do, even at the risk of offending the vanities of some people. I am afraid that if you as an organisation, do not find your national voice, a voice that is independent of your particular party political preferences, a voice that calls out evil, that condemns corruption and exploitation of people, especially exploitation of our young women, then as an organisation you are failing in your responsibility to this nation, you are failing in your responsibility as a NCW.”

The new executive is president Beverly Richards, 1st vice president Coleen Ollivierre, 2nd vice president Ideshia Jackson, treasurer Patricia Barker, secretary Brenda Olliver, assistant secretary/treasurer Volita Tucker, PRO Glenda Conliffe and committee members Eflyn Robinson, Cecile Mc Master, Josephine Ollivierre, Iyana Robinson and Lolita Charles.