July 11, 2014
Former Nice Radio talk show host Elwardo ‘EG’ Lynch passes

President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace announced Lynch’s death Wednesday morning on Nice Radio.

Lynch, who was 68 years old, died at 9 a.m. at the Garden of Eden nursing home at Dorsetshire Hill.

Following the announcement of Lynch’s death, the radio station was flooded by calls from persons wishing to pay tribute to the life of the controversial talk show host.

Eustace noted Lynch’s declining health and stated that although many persons wanted to visit him, {{more}}the location of the nursing home made it difficult, as there was no regular transportation along that route.

“One of the difficulties people had in visiting EG is location of the nursing home. People constantly wanted to see him,” Eustace said.

Public relations officer of the NDP Senator Vynnette Frederick was among a number of persons who called in to pay tribute to Lynch. After expressing condolences on behalf of her family, Frederick described the former talk show host as a larger than life character who could never be replaced.

“What he was able to do for the New Democratic Party in communicating to all walks of life, the reality of our own political ideology, our own political ideas and a real insightful look of what the reality of Vincentians is for years. He was the voice of the NDP. That really can never be duplicated or replaced,” the senator said.

“He will be so thoroughly missed. I personally will miss his sense of humour. Sometimes you in a bad mood and bounce up on EG. In two sentences, he would lighten that mood and give you something positive to think about. Some of the things he said would reverberate with people. They would become iconic sayings of his that you would forever remember, like when he said ‘that’s the way it is in St Vincent and the Grenadines’.”

In his tribute, former parliamentarian in the NDP administration John Horne noted that although he knew Lynch’s health was declining, he (Horne) was still in shock to hear that he had died.

Horne declared that Lynch’s death marked the end of an era, as he was a gifted man who was dedicated to his work.

“He may not have been at the top of political activity in the country, but he certainly played a bigger part than many who have been celebrated as excellent,” he said.

Lynch was also praised as a good friend who never forgot those who helped him in life.

“EG was a man who acknowledged help and was always grateful to those who helped him. He was a true friend,” Horne said.

“We know he’s in a better place. God has relieved him of his pain and suffering.”

Lynch was a diabetic and had suffered a series of strokes, including one that occurred in 2012 while hosting the New Times programme. He also had failing eyesight for which he sought treatment in the United States in 2012.

Lynch was the host of the New Times programme for over 10 years.