July 4, 2014
Singing Tia moves to top of ladder in Primary Schools calypso

Tia “Singing Tia” Wyllie (See Front Page) has moved up the ranks to take the top position in the primary category of Junior Calypso.

In the 2014 competition, which was held on Tuesday, the New Prospect Primary School student managed to beat out seven other competitors with her song, “Save the Environment.”{{more}}

Her win is an improvement after placing second in last year’s competition.

“I’m feeling good,” said the second-time competitor.

Wyllie explained the message behind her song to media officials, stating that it “was about the environment; how persons in St Vincent and Grenadines could save the environment.”

Kristian “Lil Kris” Christopher of the Layou Government School followed in the footsteps of his sister and last year’s primary Junior Calypso monarch, Kristiana Christopher, in an attempt to take the crown back to the Leeward side of the island.

Despite his commendable effort, the youngster had to settle for second place, with his song, “You are my hero.”

For the second consecutive year, Cha-Chanie “Lady Cha-Chanie” Morgan of the New Prospect Primary School walked away with the third position. Her song this year was entitled “Let’s work together to build this country.”

Other participants in the competition included Mahlique “Baby Mahl” Castello of the Sandy Bay Primary School with “Stand Up,” Terina “Kobeanna” Phillips and Teyanna “Singing Diamond” Wiliams of the Brighton Methodist School with “Read to Succeed” and “The Role of a Teacher” respectively, Gabriella “Singing Gabby” Gurley of Fancy Government School with “Chatoyer we love you” and Shelsi “Shel-C” Clarke of Sandy Bay Primary School with “Grab some.”(BK)