July 4, 2014

Prime Minister promises new home for flood victim

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has given his word that a new home will be built for Fitz-Hughes resident Florentine Spring.{{more}}

The Prime Minister, speaking at a press conference on Monday at Cabinet Room, said that Spring is one of 10 persons in North Leeward whose homes will be rebuilt during the upcoming phase of the rebuilding process, following the December 2013 rains and floods.

He said that he is not able to say when the house will be built, however, because the woman’s case will have to be assessed against the other residents whose homes will also be reconstructed during this phase.

A number of houses were built and distributed in the area recently.

“I am interested in making sure that sister Florentine is well taken care of and she will be. Precisely how that will happen, I do not as yet know until I am informed by the people on the ground,” Gonsalves told the media.

“But they will have to look at her case in conjunction with the other cases to see if her case is the one which needs immediate rebuilding elsewhere, rather than on the spot.”

The Prime Minister noted that Spring could have a wooden dwelling structure constructed for her, and that could take three to four weeks.

He said that this could be done in an area in Fitz Hughes where other homes were built since the disaster, but there conflicting stories as to whether the woman wanted to be relocated or not.

“So, Florentine must know that she will be taken care of. If she wants a plywood house to be rebuilt for her… that is simple thing to rebuild….”(JJ)