July 4, 2014
MCMH maternity ward benefits from donation

The maternity ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital was this week the recipient of a fetal heart monitor.

On Tuesday, members of the Gospel Hall Assemblies Disaster Committee presented the monitor to hospital administrator Sister Grace Walters, who indicated that the monitor in use had been damaged {{more}}during the December 24, 2013 floods.

Walters thanked the organization for the instrument, which is used to monitor the well-being of an unborn baby, by assessing the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. The machine alerts the medical and nursing professionals to any impending problems.

Tyrone Dickson, a member of the committee, indicated that the donation of the monitor was a joint effort of Gospel Hall Assembles of the United States, Bermuda and Canada, facilitated through retired Vincentian nurse Clari Gilbert, who worked as a sales representative for Biomedical International Corp in Miami, Florida.

Shortly after the monitor was handed over to the hospital, it was put to use on a full-term pregnant woman who was referred to the hospital from a clinic. The physicians noted that the monitor used advanced technology and, after a few minutes, observed that the baby was in distress because of an abnormal heartbeat.

The mother-to-be was immediately scheduled for a C-Section.