Grammar School pays tribute to F.I. Jack
June 27, 2014

Grammar School pays tribute to F.I. Jack

Former deputy Headmaster of the St Vincent Grammar School Franklyn Irving (F.I.) Jack was moved to tears, as his alma mater paid tribute to him at the school’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday.{{more}}

The 70-year-old “icon of the institution,” as he was called, was seen wiping tears from his eyes as a citation was read in his honour, at the Kingstown Methodist Church.

Jack started his relationship with the school in 1955, at the age of 11 years old, when he was accepted into the school as a student. After seven years he graduated and entered the teaching service. He returned to the school as a graduate teacher in 1969 and stayed on for the next 22 years.

While there, Jack earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and postgraduate diplomas in education and international relations. He taught history and general paper, and in the late 1970s, he was appointed deputy headmaster of the school.

He was reassigned from the St Vincent Grammar School in 1991 to the St Vincent Technical College as acting principal, then later transferred and promoted to principal of the Bethel High School in 1992, from where he retired in 1999.

Jack spent another year as principal of the Bequia Community High School, before he finally took his leave from the teaching service.

During his career at the St Vincent Grammar School, Jack achieved a commendable measure of success, thanks to his good relations with his colleagues and students, while fostering an atmosphere of responsibility and seriousness.

Jack was presented with a trophy by acting headmaster Curtis King, to a rousing standing ovation.(JJ)