June 24, 2014
Two schools fall below 50 per cent pass rate

Of the 69 schools that sat this year’s Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) in St Vincent and the Grenadines, two schools fell below the 50 per cent pass rate.{{more}}

This was revealed yesterday, during a Ministry of Education press conference.

While chief education officer Lou-Anne Gilchrist named 10 schools that recorded 100 per cent pass rates, she declined to name the schools that fell below the 50 per cent mark.

“I would rather not call any names,” Gilchrist told media officials yesterday, when she was asked about the identity of the two schools.

“We want the schools which did not meet the average to feel as valued as the other schools that were named. We do not want to name and shame, because for us, it is not a shaming process.”

However, the chief education officer disclosed that those two schools will be receiving focused attention from the Ministry.

“It is a process in which we will, as I said earlier, examine those schools; talk to the teachers, the heads, maybe the parents and some students and find out the causes for their poor performance,” Gilchrist said.

This is the first time that the CPEA has been administered in St Vinicent and the Grenadines. According to reports from the Ministry of Education, 39 schools recorded a pass rate in excess of 80 per cent.(BK)