Courts winner  lives her dream
June 20, 2014

Courts winner lives her dream

When Nadia Cruickshank-Muckett was unable to make it into Courts to deal with an “issue” on her account, Courts officials decided to travel to Barrouallie to have it sorted out.{{more}}

The “issue” turned out to be a pleasurable one, as Muckett, a teacher at the Barrouallie Government School, had just won the Courts/MABE “Win Your Dream Promotion” which saw the long-time customer having her dreams fulfilled to the tune of $11,000.

Courts country manager Michele Samuel explained to the overjoyed Grade four teacher that her purchase of a MABE four-burner stove in the month of May qualified her for the draw, and congratulated Muckett as she informed her that she was the big winner of the reward.

Surrounded by cheering students and teachers, the animated educator said that she was excited with the news, but indicated that she had a feeling that something was up when she received the initial phone call.

“I was thinking that something is wrong with the warranty, but when they said that they couldn’t give someone the paper for me to sign, I suspected that I won something,” Muckett said.

Although Muckett was informed that Courts would finance any of her dreams up to the value of the prize, the grateful customer said that a majority of the winnings will be going back to Courts.

“There are so many things, but I know for sure I want my flat screen TV, because I am a big cricket fan, and when CPL cricket starts, I want to sit down and watch dem boys knock fours and sixes.

“I want a tablet for my son, who just passed CPEA and my husband wants a stereo system.”

Muckett said that she was also planning on purchasing a refrigerator, but now she can save that money and let her dreams do the purchasing.

Muckett also had high regard for Customer Service representative Indra Charles, who sold her the stove, as well as Michelle John, from whom she purchased another item.

“I really appreciated their service…. The staff is very professional and I would encourage persons to go there and shop because the staff is very nice.”

She said that years of being a customer at Courts has finally paid off, as she had always entered the promotion, with hopes of winning a prize, and now, her dream has come true.