June 6, 2014
Clean and White for Fisherman’s Day

Coreas Hazells Inc, local distributors of Clean and White Bleach, have committed to sponsorship of this year’s Fisherman’s Day Competition.{{more}}

One hundred T-shirts, along with 25 cases of Clean and White Bleach were handed over to the Fisherman’s Day Committee on June 3.

The T-shirts will be worn by fishermen and their assistants. One hundred fishermen will each receive one gallon of Clean and White Bleach. This will be used for the cleaning and sanitizing of their boats.

Chair of the Fisherman’s Day Committee Windsbert Harry said “I will like to express heartfelt thanks to Coreas Hazells Inc and Clean and White Bleach for this worthwhile sponsorship.”

He continued: “The fishermen will now be using Clean and White Bleach to clean and sanitize their fishing boats. They will be able to keep their boats clean with Clean and White Bleach”

Clean and White Bleach is manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago by Ansa Mc Cal Chemicals.