June 3, 2014
ULP to sport new line-up for next general election

Persons should expect to see a number of new faces on the Unity Labour Party (ULP) line up for the upcoming general elections.

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves told reporters that parliamentary representative for Marriaqua and Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel {{more}}and Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Clayton Burgin, who is the parliamentary representative for East St George, have indicated that they are not interested in running for another term.

“Girlyn had indicated that she probably should have someone else take up the mantle. She had been a candidate since 1998. It has been a long run with her. She has done an excellent job and she has a number of interests in the church, community, family,” Gonsalves said.

“As is well known, Clayton has indicated that he is not interested in continuing to contest the seat again. Clayton has been there from 2001 and has done a very good job.”

The Prime Minister also disclosed that a number of persons have shown interest in being candidates for the next general elections.

Gonsalves told reporters that he has been informed that accountant Kirk DaSilva, former director at the Agency for Public Information (API) Jimmy Prince and Godson Caine have shown interest in representing the constituency of Marriaqua in the next general elections.

“I understand that three very worthy individuals are seeking the favour of the community in Marriaqua: Kirk, Jimmy and I’ve also been told that my brother Godson Caine is also interested. But here it is; we have a surfeit of riches and I’m quite sure that after they’ve gone around, Sister Girlyn will have an important conversation with the relevant people,” he said.

Additionally, Gonsalves revealed that his son, Senator Camillo Gonsalves, has also expressed an interest in contesting the next general elections. He further stressed that his son’s selection will take the same formal process as everyone else.

Furthermore, Gonsalves said that a number of persons have expressed their interest in the West Kingstown seat, but he declined to say who those persons are. “I don’t want to call names yet; in one particular case, it might be premature to speak,” Gonsalves said.

Last month, it was reported that former beauty queen Michelle Fife, who contested the West Kingstown seat for the ULP in 2010, may be replaced by another pageant winner.

Although he stated that the ULP will not necessarily have an all-male contingent for the next general elections, Gonsalves did not confirm if another former beauty queen is included in the list of names for West Kingstown.

“As party leader, a number of persons have interests in constituencies and I will speak to all the persons who have interests,” the Prime Minister said. “The slate is shaping up in a manner where you’re going to have a good team, mixing experience with freshness.”

Informed sources told SEARCHLIGHT that the ULP is having discussions with 1987 Miss Carival winner Roxanne Israel-Dalrymple about contesting the West Kingstown seat for the ULP.

Gonsalves indicated that the central executive is expected to make a decision today for candidate selection processes to formally begin.

He added that the process will be carried out in such a manner that “our metaphoric horses in all the races will be in optimal condition and so will be the party.”

Meanwhile, although the party has not formally made an announcement, party insiders say that when general elections are called, newcomers Senator Jomo Thomas and lawyer Carlos James will contest the South Leeward and North Leeward seats respectively for the ULP. (BK)