May 30, 2014
Rose Bank family in new home

A young woman of Rose Bank, who has suffered with a debilitating skin illness all her life, has moved into a new home, which could minimize the worsening of her condition.

The 21-year-old woman came to the attention of the nation earlier this year, when a story was published about her skin condition, {{more}}which had been exacerbated by the floods of December 2013.

The young woman has been receiving medical assistance and advice from members of faculty of the Trinity School of Medicine since January 2014, when they met her during a visit to Rose Bank as part of the Village Doctor exercise.

Since then, what appeared to be severe blisters of the skin, was diagnosed as the rare genetic skin disease ‘epidermolysis bullosa simplex’.

“Consequently, the young lady has been under the care of the Trinity School of Medicine, which has continued medical treatment and observation. On February 24, exactly two months after the floods, the young lady and her mother were relocated to premises in the Canash area, in an effort to provide a sanitary environment which could minimize the worsening of her condition,” a release from the medical school said.

On Saturday, May 3, as part of a Government programme of construction of housing for victims of the December 2013 floods, a two-bedroom house was handed over to the young woman and her mother.

The house is located in Cumberland, on the Leeward side of the island.

The mother of the young lady has expressed gratitude for the gesture. “I will make sure everything goes well with this house,” she said, “I will take good care of it.”

She showered Trinity School of Medicine with much praise for bringing her daughter’s situation into the open, such that she was able to receive a diagnosis and treatment; and secondly, for the relevant discussions and negotiations with Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and Minister of Housing Julian Francis, which resulted in their relocation.

She further explained that there was a huge gutter close to her former dwelling that continually overflowed during heavy rains, which created an unsafe environment for her daughter.

Although the family is now occupying their new dwelling, the finishing touches are still to be completed on the house. The family is in the process of trying to attend to these.