May 30, 2014
Hypertension Awareness Week celebrated in Canouan

May 17 is recognized around the world as International Hypertension Day and was marked by many different kinds of activities.{{more}}

A number of activities took place on Canouan, centered around increasing personal knowledge of hypertension and individual health status to empower individuals to take some control of their health and blood pressure.

The activities included free blood pressure checks; handouts of FAQs regarding hypertension; yoga/meditation sessions; an exercise class; dietician talks; and finally a “Hyper-Walk.”

The results gathered showed that of the 231 employees who had their pressure checked, 50 per cent had a positive family history of hypertension. Falling into the normal bracket was 32 per cent of the persons checked while 26 per cent had their blood pressure falling into the high category.

“The CCA Ltd team and the Canouan Community hope to continue health awareness on the island as we understand the importance preserving a healthy community. We would also like to thank those who supported our efforts on this occasion and hope that we can continue working together,” a release from CCA said.