May 30, 2014
Head of Traffic department says no to ‘quick route’

If it were left solely up to the head of this country’s traffic department, no quick route out of Kingstown would be granted to omnibuses.{{more}}

Superintendent Kenneth John made this clear when he spoke with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday. He, however, stated that the final decision lies with the Commissioner of Police.

John was responding to a proposal made last Sunday by head of the National Omnibuses Association (NOBA) Anthony “Code Red” Bacchus.

Bacchus proposed that van drivers be allowed to travel up Kingstown Hill between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. as a means of getting out of Kingstown quickly.

“If I had the final say, I would not allow it to happen. That road is very narrow and winding. When you look at the hill going up there, I know the behaviour of some of these drivers and to allow them to go around those areas, they are not going to take their time,” John stated, adding that he is currently in discussions with Commissioner of Police Michael Charles on the matter.

“All of us know that they are not going to take their time. I see recklessness going around there. We have judges living in that area. For me, as head of the traffic branch, I am saying no to that, but the Commissioner has the final say,” John added.

At Sunday’s meeting of NOBA, which was held at the Arnos Vale Playing Field hard court, Bacchus said minibuses travelled that route in the past, but because there used to be a school in the vicinity, a “no entry for omnibuses” sign was placed there.

He called on the Commissioner of Police and the transport board to allow omnibuses to use the route in order to avoid accidents and heavy traffic. Bacchus said the route would also allow for buses to exit and return to Kingstown in a shorter time.

“We want to be able to pick the passengers up and be back in town. Vans that go to Georgetown, when they reach there, they don’t come back because it’s too late. It’s a waste of time when you get caught up in traffic…,” Bacchus had stated at the meeting.(KW)